Refurbishment Refurbishment Refurbishment Refurbishment Refurbishment

The Team at Action Response is equipped to deliver complex refurbishment projects.

With a broad range of in house professional skills  supported  by our established supply chain , Action Response aims to achieve savings in both time and cost to deliver turn key solutions.

Need to keep you business operational during the day, no problem for Action Responce,  out-of -hours delivery is also available.

Whether working from architects’  design or  implementing a direct solution with the client, project programmes are scheduled to ensure they are completed on time and on budget.

Refurbishment services include:

  • Design and specification
  • Implementing architect-designed refurbishment
  • Altering or replacing entrances, lobbies, atriums, skylights, corridors and other public areas
  • Facade refurbishment, either to frontages or re-cladding the whole building envelope
  • Building, renewing or replacing exterior walls, gates, walkways and entrances
  • Sign-writing and provision of instructive signage
  • Office re-planning including removing, altering or replacing partitions, ceilings, windows and doors
  • Re-decoration and tiling to renew and refresh working environments
  • Flooring and ceiling renewals and improvements, fitting carpeting and carpet tiles
  • Turning wasted space into a productive facility
  • Renewing and upgrading kitchens and showers or bathrooms in both commercial and residential premises
  • Re-fitting energy efficent LED lights.
  • Creating bespoke furniture and decoration
  • Improving the environment and reducing the premises’ carbon footprint