Action Response has invested in a comprehensive range of specialist equipment to diagnose, clear and maintain all types of culverts, conduits and drains. First steps when treating a blockage is to identify the cause. Where necessary for trace and access, Action Response’s suite of tools includes CCTV and endioscope technology to diagnose the cause and location of a blockage before clearing it with minimal obstruction to the working of the building. Additionally after the blockage has been cleared, excess water and odours can be removed and any affected areas dehumidified.

Although our teams react speedily when called out to evacuate all types of blockages, we recommend the regular scheduled maintenance of all key water outlets.  Build-up of scale, pipe wall deposits, leaves, refuse and other loose material can all block drains.  Regular preventative maintenance ensures the constant safe hygienic flow of waste or excess water at all times.  This applies to car parking areas as well as pedestrian walkways.

Our drainage services include:

Pressure jetting. Using our highly manoeuvrable trailer-based Aquila mobile jetting machines for rapidly accessing, unblocking and clearing all sizes of drains.

Water clearance. We own a range of flexible-use Aquavac models for removing excess water.

  • Rodding
  • Rainwater, foulwater and ground water blockages
  • Car park and open spaces drainage maintenance and pressure washing
  • Pipe repairs
  • Foul water sewerage drainage system maintenance, clearance and repair
  • Sewerage pit maintenance, cleaning and repair
  • Pump inspection, repair, replacement and servicing
  • Guttering and downpipes cleaning, maintenance, repair and replacement
  • Balcony and roofing drainage cleaning, unblocking and maintenance