Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Action Response is able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions to site cleaning, restoration and maintenance needs. A wide variety of professional equipment, both fixed and mobile, allows access to all areas of a site.

Cleaning of surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, keeps cladding, brickwork, stonework, walkways and car parks in pristine condition. Corroded surfaces can also be easily and quickly restored. Regular maintenance of underground drains and conduits keeps them continuously free-flowing and free from blockages.

One of the most popular solutions to large scale, floor and wall cleaning in public areas is the use of our Aquila Pressure washer system, with active water recovery. Delivering water at temperatures of over 92 degrees and pressures of nearly 30 bar, we can remove corrosion, graffiti, paint, chewing gum, oil and traffic marks on many kinds of surfaces, whilst recovering and recycling the water we use.

The ecological characteristics of the Aquila machine makes it popular with businesses keen to lower their carbon footprint in maintaining their buildings.

Other advantages of our mobile, self-contained and trailerable equipment solutions include limiting the amount of surface water placed in public areas, reducing further, secondary drainage issues and impacting less on employees or tenants as they move around the site being treated.

We also offer steam cleaning, rejuvenating main walkways and routes both inside and out.

Masonry Cleaning: Yellow Stock / Red Rubber / Portland / Bath Stone / Glazed Brick / Terracotta

  • Niblus
  • Torc
  • Doff
  • Stone Chemical
  • Brick Chemical
  • Paint Removal Chemical
  • Poltice

General Sand Blasting:

  • Brick / wood Beams / Metal railings Etc. /