Protan Roofing

Action Response is a specialist installer of Protan single-ply roofing membranes. All Protan single-ply membranes are BBA, Sintef and IAB certified and approved.

Where a project calls for the renovation of roofing or the new installation of commercial or domestic membrane solutions we highly recommend the use of Protan PVC products. Scandinavian in origin, Protan has provided roofing systems with a focus on performance and high ecological values. Many roofing products last over 30 years and can be fully recycled.

Action Response can select, design, provide quotations, supply and install the following Protan roofing systems:

Mechanically Fixed

mechanically fixed protan_0

In the Protan mechanically fixed system, the membrane is fixed to the substrate within its side-lap and overlapped by the adjacent sheet. Mechanically fixing and hot-air welding along the laps guarantees a homogeneous seam which is of greater strength than the membrane itself.

Benefits of this system include:

– The ability to be installed on a variety of roof decks including steel, timber and concrete

– Applicable for refurbishment and new build

– Fully recyclable as no adhesives are used

– Proven durability in excess of 30 years



adhered protan

For an adhered system, Protan has developed the Protan GX fleece backed membrane. The Protan Adhered system is fully bonded to the substrate or insulation. It is the only Protan system to use adhesive. This system is ideal for buildings with high humidity (for example, those with swimming pools) or where mechanical attachment is difficult.

Benefits of this system include:

– Avoids the penetration of the roof deck and vapour control layer

– Can be installed on a variety of substrates

– Applicable for refurbishment and new build

– Proven durability in excess of 30 years



ballasted protan

Ballasted roofs are becoming increasingly popular as people strive to increase the usability of their building, with gravel or recreational paved roofs. Protan has developed the Protan G membrane for this use, which can be loose-laid to the roof.

Benefits of this system include:

– Ideal for retrofitting existing buildings

– Speedy installation provides a watertight structure very quickly

– Can be installed in a wide range of temperature and weather conditions

– No use of adhesives, meaning that the membrane is fully recyclable


Green Roofs

green protan

Protan’s PROGREEN range is considered a benchmark product from which to establish a roof garden or green roof environment. This system, which includes fungicide and is reinforced with glass fibre, is becoming increasingly popular within the UK market.

Benefits of this system include:

– FLL Accreditation

– Improved fire protection

– Protects the building against the effects of rapid temperature change

– Improves the building’s thermal and acoustic performance