Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Planned, preventative maintenance is an essential part of securing and protecting the investment made in the property being managed, ensuring operational efficiency and the key to presenting a permanently pristine building image.

Building and product warranties normally stipulate minimal forms of maintenance are carried out at routine intervals.  Completion of planned tasks is an essential factor in ensuring such warranties remain valid.

Scheduled property maintenance programmes help avoid costly reactive or emergency call -outs and provide the peace of mind that the property is being managed to ensure a continuously productive and habitable environment. For example, the regular maintenance of drainage channels by rodding and/or pressure jetting and guttering to prevent corrosion build-up or waste causing blockages is a key instance of the value of preventative maintenance.

Action Response runs programmes of preventative maintenance for most of its customers. With Contract Managers experienced in all aspects of Facilities Management, Action Response have the expertise to help advise on the most cost-effective programme of scheduled works appropriate for your property.

All of our contracted work programmes are fully specified and documented. Recommendations and suggested improvements to facilities are made as soon as they are agreed. Providing documentation of these works can be invaluable in making claims under warranties or at the point a new lease is to be arranged or an existing freehold or lease is to be transferred.