The Building Envelope

All Action Response services apply to the building envelope as well as the interior and exterior of any property. The company can cost-effectively repair, renovate, improve and maintain the whole fabric of the building.

Work can be carried out, where appropriate, by the Action Response rope access specialist team to achieve access to exteriors faster and at lower costs.

Particularly relevant services include:

  • Trace and access to determine the scope of any work to be done
  • Use of thermal technology and CCTV to inspect the building and define positioning of work
  • Replacement and repair of fenestration including exterior sealing.
  • Supply and installation of windows, doors and facades from the Shüco product range
  • Maintenance, repair and restoration of balconies
  • Sealing of water access through walls, windows and doors
  • Maintenance and provision of guttering, downpipes and drainage channels
  • Pressure cleaning of building exteriors to maintain a pristine appearance
  • Cleaning of facade exteriors including stone to remove grime and corrosion
  • Cleaning of associated forecourts, concourses, walkways and car parks
  • Adding or maintaining insulation to protect against weather or noise
  • Advising on energy consumption, reduction of CO2 and security

Masonry Cleaning: Yellow Stock / Red Rubber / Portland / Bath Stone / Glazed Brick / Terracotta

  • Niblus
  • Torc
  • Doff
  • Stone Chemical
  • Brick Chemical
  • Paint Removal Chemical
  • Poltice

General Sand Blasting:

  • Brick / Wood Beams / Metal railings Etc.


  • Flush
  • Penny Flush
  • Tuck
  • Collar Joints

Stone Pointing:

  • Portland
  • Bath

Remedial repairs:

  • Brick Color Matching Tinting
  • Fascia render repair
  • Fascia Biscuit repair
  • Indent Brick repair
  • Collar Joints