Rope Access

Rope Access Rope Access Rope Access Rope Access

Buildings need exterior maintenance over the course of their useful life. Yet when that building elevation extends over and beyond the 4th floor, maintenance is neither easy nor practical from the ground.

For that reason Action Response retains a team of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) trained specialist abseilers to deliver high access repairs and installations.

Whether the building either contains workplaces or homes, a reactive solution to maintenance at height should be non-intrusive, low risk and speedy. Rope access can offer all these advantages, normally at a considerable cost saving to alternative methods.

Action Response’s rope access technicians are exceptionally experienced and well known in their field, holding high levels of certification in rope access training and always at the forefront of professional development.

They have been responsible for the installation of many modern window and roofing systems including Schucco, Protan and Rehau. They have experience of working in specialist roofing materials, have cleaned many of London’s landmark buildings, and have installed and tested roof bolts and rope access systems safely and without incident for over 10 years.

Action Response offers its high access rope service to help with the following:

  • Window installation, replacement or service
  • Tracing of leaks and/or damage to the building envelope
  • Maintaining or replacing cladding or other surface materials
  • Roofing repairs, installation or modifications
  • Venting and drainage maintenance at height
  • Exterior stonework cleaning, bonding and application
  • High access welding and fabrication installations
  • Rope access surveys
  • Anchor point testing

And more…

With access by rope and the services of our IRATA  abseiling technicians, buildings can be serviced and repaired cost-effectively, quickly, and with minimal disruption to tenants or occupiers.

Access by rope requires no permits, and imposes less on the day-to-day running of a site than access by, for instance, scaffolding or using a cherry picker. There are no limits to the height that is accessible

Apart from cost, the increased security risk and visual impact on a building from the use of scaffolding is a significant consideration.

Our London based High Access, IRATA trained rope technicians are ready to serve you today.

Please call us now to discuss your requirements.